Positive energy

It is very likely that you are paying for electricity much more than you should.

We are BLUBAT, a technology platform to help you participate in the energy business, without having to change your lifestyle.

Be the first to open your home or business to an innovative way to tailor your electricity consumption to your real needs, making it more efficient and independent. Click on the video below and we'll explain why.

Earn a 10% return in just three steps


We can now install a new smart meter, the Blue Reader. With it, we can analyze your consumption patterns to design a personalized plan that will make you a participant in the energy business.


After a period of time sufficient enough to collect meaningful consumption data, we will present to you and investment and savings plan with two options for you to choose from: with a BLUBAT battery, that you can purchase or rent, or without it.


You've entered the future of energy independence, where the combination of the BLUBAT battery, combined with the option to install solar panels, will make you earn money with the energy that you store or you produce.


Do you want to join the future? Earn a 10% return? Become a participant in the energy business? If your answers are yes, we need to know some information about your home or business.

What equipment do you have?

  • Swimming pool
  • HVAC
  • Irrigation
  • Electric heater

Own or rent?

Household size

Solar panels

Electric vehicle